Monthly Archives: September 2016

Baby Doll by Hollie Overton *Alexa’s Review*

Most people don’t know this but I really love thrillers. I really hate horror movies or things that are too scary but I like a good thriller movie. I enjoy when women are put in bad situations and have to fight the system to get out of them. I feel that these types of stories give you a rush and make you appreciate just how […]

Between Sisters by Cathy Kelly *Stephanie’s Review*

I read Between Sisters by Cathy Kelly because I love books set in countries outside of the US and the plot line caught my attention. I was hoping for a good read and I got a great read. Between Sisters focuses heavily on the relationships between family members and communication. It also showed how sometimes not talking about our needs or our lives can effect […]

The Beast by JR Ward *Alexa’s Review*

There will be SPOILERS for previous books. I really don’t know how to feel about this series anymore. I love the world and I really love some of the characters but I’m starting to feel like Ward is just causing drama just for the sake of drama. There are so many men who don’t have their own books and instead we are going back to […]