How to Rescue a Rake by Jayne Fresina *Stephanie’s Review*



I was in need of a historical romance. I picked up How to Rescue a Rake by Jayne Fresina because it brought me current with a series and I knew it would make me giggle.

How to Rescue a Rake is a second chance romance and Fresina did it well. There was no doubt that neither Nathaniel nor Diana were ready for each other the first go ’round. Diana was too pretentious and wasn’t able to think for herself. Nathaniel was nowhere near ready for the responsibility of a household.

I enjoyed the story much more when the setting shifted from Hawcombe Prior to Bath! The second courtship began and it’s when I became invested in their romance.

Unfortunately Diana felt a little flat for me. I was most looking forward to her book. She is the Belle that I identified with most. I didn’t love Diana the way that I thought I would. I didn’t even really start liking her until she started making decisions for herself.

I feel like How to Rescue a Rake wrapped up the Book Club Belle Society series. It feels like a good place to stop but I would love to see a book for Sarah Wainwright. It wouldn’t hurt to check in on the older Belles as well!

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