Flawed by Cecelia Ahern *Stephanie’s Review*



I read Flawed by Cecelia Ahern for a few reasons. One: it came as part of my OwlCrate box and I owned it whether or not I wanted to. (I wanted to!) Two: I have always meant to read more of Ahern’s work after P.S. I Love You several years ago. Her YA debut was an exciting place to start.

I really enjoyed the dystopian world set up in Flawed. It was a lot of the world we already know so there wasn’t much world building required. I highly doubt that we’ll face the kind of moral enforcement that exists in this world but it is terrifying to think about. It is a slippery slope that leads to being Flawed and the sub-life that they have to maintain. Basically don’t question the Guild and don’t be kind to the Flawed. In showing kindness you question the Guild’s ruling.

Celestine North is really kind of boring. Nothing memorable about her stand out. She doesn’t have much of a personality. To be honest, I didn’t really take to any of the characters. They all seemed to be a little flat.

Flawed by Cecila Ahern was more plot driven than character driven. I don’t have to connect with the characters every time to enjoy a good story. The plot carried this book for me and I am excited to read its companion.

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