Quick Thoughts: Stephanie’s March & April 2016 Reads


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Conversion was a pretty intriguing read. I really enjoyed the tie in between the Salem Witch Trials and present day St. Joan’s. The book kept a solid pace and I was invested. There are quite a few mixed reviews about this book and I know exactly which parts are tripping those triggers. If you’ve read the book, you probably do too. I’ll be honest, it didn’t bother me. At some point people become responsible for their decisions no matter how much you don’t agree with them. The thing that I wished had been explored more was the ending for Emma and what was happening there.

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Seriously, it doesn’t get much hotter than a Kelly Apple novella. Not only is there an interesting plot line but there is just a ton of quick and dirty business. I never imagined that zombies could be sexy. That’s Apple’s hidden talent. She takes the unattractive of the paranormal and makes them Dead Sexy!

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I really had to concentrate on Winter Rose to read this one. It was that kind of book that required no distractions while reading it. That doesn’t take away from the enjoyment of the book at all. I enjoyed Rois’s character after I was able to spend more time with her. At first she came across as flaky and flighty. Once you spent more time with her though, you just realized that she wasn’t flighty but rather just communicated better with the earth than most people. Her people social skills suffered because of it. I enjoyed this book enough that I will seek out the sequel and see if I can earn more about Rois and her world.

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The only thing I can think of when I think of this book is Meghan Trainor’s “No”. This is a 93 page monologue from a middle age to older snobby librarian who rails at a patron for an hour. She can’t understand why a man she barely speaks to isn’t ardently in love with her. Hope is the only thing that kept me going through this book. I kept thinking that eventually we’d get a more traditional book. In the words of Meghan “No to the nah to the no, no, no.” Seriously I could probably write a 93 page monologue to tell you how much I didn’t like this book. 2 stars seems kind of generous now but it is the rating I gave upon finishing the book so there it shall stay.

2 responses to “Quick Thoughts: Stephanie’s March & April 2016 Reads”

  1. Three out of four as great books is a good percentage! I’m so glad you liked Winter Rose. I, too, enjoyed Conversion- clearly, you have great taste. 😉


    1. I think so too! Great minds think alike and all! I’m trying to work on her back list. She seems to share a fascination with the ghosties. 🙂


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