Quick Thoughts: Stephanie’s February 2016 Reads


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The Prince filled in quite a few holes in Maxon’s story. Certain parts involving King Clarkson were confirmed for me. It also made Maxon even more endearing to me. It showed his inner thoughts where we only had America’s perceptions to go by previously.

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The Shadow Throne wrapped up the series well enough. While I enjoyed it, The Shadow Throne was by no means a gripping read. To be perfectly honest, I read it to finish the series. Readers who enjoy middle grad fantasy should enjoy this. It’s a trilogy so not a huge time investment.

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Moonglow took forever for me to get into. I really had no interest in this story until I hit the 1/3 to 1/2 mark. The plot and characters were just not interesting to me. My brain must have shifted gears during this book because it got interesting real fast.

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Kelly Apple is almost always guaranteed to give you a quick and dirty read that will amke you laugh. Did I mention the paranormal sex? Apple does right by paranormal beings. *wink wink*

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GoodReads kind of screwed me over on this one.The reading order for The Selection series lists this as 2.6 indicating that it falls in place before book 3. Not so. It spoiled a LOT for me. And I fucking hate spoilers. So that happened. The story itself was fine. Nothing special really but it was nice to have another Selection story.

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