Quick Thoughts: Stephanie’s January 2016 Reads Part II


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This book! I was totally with it and couldn’t figure out why everyone was so mad about it. Until [spoiler]the apology. I could see Fallon and Ben working past the fire. I really could. Then Fallon apologized to Ben. The girl permanently disfigured apologized to the guy who disfigured her.[/spoiler] Once that happened, I was over it. I totally could have loved this book. I could have worked through the majority of the issues if not for that one thing. I’ll still pick up Hoover books. Not every book is going to be a winner.

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I really enjoy this series. It always inspires me to want to work on my cross stitch WIPs (works in progress). I enjoyed the corporate espionage angle in this book. I did not enjoy the bride to be. I was also glad to see Marcy have some closure regarding her ex-fiance.

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I didn’t love this book the way a lot of people seem to. I enjoyed the story and the characters for the most part. I know this is going to be a super unpopular opinion but I just couldn’t love Cath. For me she was just too whiny. There I said it. I can totally understand that she is dealing with some pretty big life changes. Maybe I can’t connect with Cath because I didn’t go through college at all so there was no being away from home or the sudden life changes that Cath faced after high school. It could also be that I listened to this partially as an audiobook and the narrator could have made Cath WAY more whinier than she really was if I had just strictly read the book.

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