Quick Thoughts: Stephanie’s January 2016 Reads Part I


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It always takes me a little bit of time to warm up to Fresina’s characters. Rebecca and Lucky were no different. I really enjoy Fresina’s books because she can make me laugh and bring a tear to my eye. Sinfully Ever After was no different. Once I was able to get into this novel it flew by. It also made me pretty excited to read the next book How to Rescue a Rake.

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Unfortunately The Runaway King didn’t carry the same joy for me as The False Prince. It took too long for me to become invested in the story. Mott is still without a doubt my favorite character. I’ll be glad to wrap up this series with the final book.

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I picked up this book from my local library after reading Kimba’s review. This book was a GREAT thriller. It is told in two perspectives; past Tessa who has survived a horrible event and present Tessa who isn’t sure if past Tessa had properly identified her attacker. I really, really LOVED this book. I definitely need to see if she has written other thrillers.

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I am really kind of loving this series . It is definitely (for me anyway) a bit of a fluffy read and I really just enjoy them. Watching America and Prince Maxon come closer together in this book was great. I am still rooting for Maxon. I never really enjoyed Aspen. I didn’t see him as noble when he broke things off with America in The Selection. I can certainly sympathize but America knows her mind and should have been respected for it. I am pretty excited to continue this series!

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I was very excited to read this book. I wanted to know more about Queen Amberly before she was Queen. It was awesome to read about her own selection. It also absolutely cemented my thoughts on King Clarkson. I’m very glad I read this novella. It did offer some insight into Queen Amberly and I hope to get to know her more throughout the series.

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