February 5k – Running S’mores

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This post is pretty late but oh well. I started it shortly after my runs but never got around to writing my post. No worries, I’m here now.


I have to say my journey into “running” (I add quotations because in reality I am at a very slow jog) has been an extremely tough but fun one. I’ve always wanted to be able to say am I runner but have always hated the idea of running. If I am being honest I still can’t say I love it. I can however say I love the feeling I have once I’m done. Doing a run with a ton of other people is even more powerful.

 I completed my second 5k of the year (one week after my first 5k of 2016) and I won’t lie, it felt incredible. I still couldn’t run the entire time but I pushed myself to run a little longer than I did during my previous 5K. I had the opportunity to join a group of awesome people and we even dressed up (there was a costume competition). Every time I heard someone cheerfully say “there goes the Marshmallow” I felt like a ran a little faster.

 It was such a great time and in case you were wondering… We total won the contest. Running Smores for the win 🙂



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