Shallow Graves by Kali Wallace *Stephanie’s Review*



Shallow Graves by Kali Wallace instantly grabbed me as an interesting read when I read the blurb. I didn’t want to wait to read this book so I requested a copy on Edelweiss. I wasn’t disappointed.

Breezy is dead. She didn’t just die though, she was murdered. Then almost a year later she comes back to life and unintentionally kills the man unburying her. Breezy then makes her way cross country and finds that she can feel when the people around her have committed murder.

I want to stop here a minute and say that Breezy was pretty damn judgey and Wallace kind of glossed over a lot in my opinion. To Breezy everyone she felt fell into the same category: cold blooded murderer. There was a lot of open room though. What if the person took a life in self defense, saving their country, or manslaughter? Not every life ends because of natural causes or murder. This is what kept Shallow Graves from being a big hit with me.

Breezy ends up finding this massive paranormal underground and naturally they are being hunted by intolerant humans in the area. There were so many types of paranormal creatures that I was excited to see who Breezy would meet next.

Shallow Graves is fast paced and I was excited to continue with the book each time I picked it up. The biggest draw was who killed Breezy. I wasn’t really surprised by the revelation.

I hope there will be a second book as it seemed like there were a lot of openings that could be filled. Shallow Graves was fast clipped and I really did enjoy it.

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