The False Prince by Jennifer A Nielsen *Stephanie’s Round Two Review*


A “Round Two” review is a review of a book that I have already read and reviewed. It is a re-read.


I re-read the The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen because I really want to start wrapping up some of my series. I read this awhile ago and I wanted to refresh before moving on. I remember now why I enjoyed this one so much.

The main character is an orphan named Sage. I liked Sage right away. He is such a smart ass. Not only can he be sarcastic but the boy is generally four or five steps ahead of the rest of them. I really enjoyed his character because of this.

The secondary characters varied in likability. I really only enjoyed Mott. Imogene annoyed me more than made me feel sympathetic. The other two candidates I certainly felt sorry for but I didn’t particularly root them on either.

While this book is a re-read for me, I had originally guessed where the plot would end and how Sage’s past would be included in that. Of course I didn’t know the particulars, but I had guessed the end game. It’s probably one of the biggest reasons why The False Prince didn’t get a full five stars.

In this book there is a lot to enjoy: people in disguise, courtiers, murder, palace intrigue, and honor. The pace is even and I was able to finish this book fairly quickly. While there wasn’t much in the way of surprise I still really enjoyed this book.

2 responses to “The False Prince by Jennifer A Nielsen *Stephanie’s Round Two Review*”

  1. oh I love those re reads…they are always so fabulous.


    1. It was good! I forgot how much I had enjoyed it. πŸ™‚


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