January 5k – You Have to Start Somewhere

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I decided that I really wanted to get into running and finish my couch to 5k app. I haven’t completed it but I did decide to participate in one knowing very well I would be walking most of it.

I didn’t want to do it alone and the plan was not to sign up if I couldn’t convince a friend to do it with me. A friend, being the awesome person that she is (she is a runner) signed me up after having talked about it for weeks. In the end schedules didn’t fit and I was on my own. I felt a little out of place before the race began but once it started it didn’t matter anymore that I was doing this by myself (I typically never do things alone so this was a big step for me) . I found my own zone and it felt good to finish. Plus she came to cheer me on when I crossed the finish line. I’m lucky to have someone so supportive in the work that I do but also in my growing as a whole person.

Sadly, although I was determined to jog as much of it as possible I got shin splints half a mile in and my legs were on fire. This was not the good burn and I knew I needed to walk. It has never hurt so bad so if any of you have any tips to avoid/help this please share. I probably only jogged about a mile altogether but I walked as fast as my short burning legs would take me. I averaged a 14-15 minute mile but I can only get faster fromhere.

I’ll just leave you with this…

If I Can Run, ANYONE Can! Running Tips from a Beginner



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