Task It Tuesday {1/5/16}

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I caught my reviews up with this past weekend. After the issues with getting everything straightened out, I want to basically start at the beginning and get everything looking the way that I want and that way I know I’ve made sure of this.

1/5/16 Goals:

  1. Draft February’s Task It Tuesdays/Write On
  2. Draft February’s Sunday Posts
  3. Add/Correct with UBB:
    • Lady X’s Cowboy
    • Pieces of Sky
    • Straight from the Hip
    • Vow of Seduction
    • Tomb with a View
    • A Perfect Darkness
    • Lover Mine
    • My Reckless Surrender
    • Desire Me
    • Scandal in Spring
    • Marked
    • Forbidden Passion
    • A Wallflower Christmas
    • Open Country
    • Hot on Her Heels
    • His Darkest Hunger
  4. Process one shelf of physical books in GoodReads
  5. Process 2010 ebooks in GoodReads

Most of these have already been done, I just want to go through and check them to make sure that everything is the way that I want it.



2 Responses to “Task It Tuesday {1/5/16}”

    • Stephanie

      It does! I’m also not being too hard on myself if I don’t hit every goal. I’ll be working a lot of overtime this week. 🙁

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