Monthly Archives: January 2016

Winter 2016 Mini Bloggiesta Goals

I am really excited about Bloggiesta this go round! I’m also really glad to have a weekend to devote to blogging. I do have a pretty lengthy excursion planned for Saturday but Sunday is going to be an all day blogging reading day! Back up blog! Catch up on reviews (already written/format and schedule): The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen Shallow Graves by Kali […]

The Evil Inside by Heather Graham *Stephanie’s Review*

I was so excited to continue with the Krewe of Hunters series that I barely took a breath between books. The Evil Inside by Heather Graham is Jenna Duffy’s story and the one that I was waiting for. Jenna Duffy is Irish and I love stories with Irish characters. Plus Jenna has post cognition and in this book she sees how the murders played out. […]

Task It Tuesday {1/12/16}

Here were last week’s goals: Draft February’s Task It Tuesdays/Write On Draft February’s Sunday Posts Add/Correct with UBB: Lady X’s Cowboy Pieces of Sky Straight from the Hip Vow of Seduction Tomb with a View A Perfect Darkness Lover Mine My Reckless Surrender Desire Me Scandal in Spring Marked Forbidden Passion A Wallflower Christmas Open Country Hot on Her Heels His Darkest Hunger Process one […]