My Year In Music

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My Music in 2015

In addition to being a book addict I am also a music junkie. I am sure you would all agree with me when I say there are worse things to be addicted to. I know we are almost a month into 2016 but I still wanted to share what I listened to in 2015. I listen to a majority of my music on Spotify and I love that they compile your year in music for you. Here was mine.

I started my year out with R.I.P by Rita Ora. I decided it would be my them song for the year. That ended up being true for about the first week and then I totally forgot about it until it came up on my year in music.


In the end the following artists & albums ended up dominating my year…


I am so excited to see Melanie Martinez this year

It seems like so many minutes but in the span of a year I guess I am not that surprised I listened to…


I am surprised to find out that I listened to the same song 6 times in the same day.


It is a great song. Check it out here.

Check out my music through the seasons and my top played songs.


I love music of all kinds so bring on the suggestions!



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  1. Lover Of Romance

    Great list of music you have here!!! I do like you+me—great music the do. I really loved the soundtrack of fifty shades of grey—they did a great job with that. My latest favorite has been Traveler by Christ Stapelton—its basically country soul and man his voice is gorgeous.

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