Discussion: Why My 2016 is Going to ROCK!

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Typically I am all over resolutions, goals, and lists like white on rice. I LOVE them. This year though I haven’t set any resolutions and/or goals. I can’t even tell you why that is. Maybe it has to do with the fact that we’ve been pretty busy. It seems like we are constantly on the go. We always have somewhere to be or people to meet. Most of the time that’s alright. 🙂

So I have no goals written down. I certainly have ideas, thoughts, goals, wishes, maybe somedays enough floating around in my gray matter. I have my Task It Tuesdays scheduled through the end of February. I’ve been writing at least one review a day. I try to work on the blog and comment back, get around to other blogs on a daily basis. And ALWAYS keep on top of those pesky comments that Askimet helps keep in check.

How do I know that my 2016 is going to rock? Mostly because it’s all about attitude and perspective. I went to Staples and picked up one of their weekly/monthly planners. It’s only been a week but so far this is really working for me! It’s helped keep me on my toes. I can put my post schedule on my monthly calendar and make sure I’m hitting those goals and I can break out my Task It Tuesday tasks to what days I want to have which tasks accomplished. I’ve been behind a few days this week. My daily tasks show me that I’m not as behind as I could make the problem seem so it’s easy to get caught up.

I’ve done some pretty liberating things over the last week or so. Liberating for a Type A personality. Nothing too shocking I assure you! The first thing I did was went through my “Saved for Later” file on my Feedly and unsaved every post that was over 7 days old. If I haven’t read or commented on that post by now it most likely wasn’t going to happen. I was able to comment on all the posts I saved for the day and went back and read and commented on some of the older posts too! ON TOP of commenting on random Bout of Book participants blogs!

Today? Today I cleaned my Feedly OUT! I decided that in 2016 I want to focus on the people who stop by my blog and comment. I want to focus on the people that are in my community and who I value and want to lift up. That isn’t to say that any other blogger isn’t worth my time, that I won’t branch out and meet new bloggers, or that there is anything wrong with the blogs I took out of my Feedly. It boiled down to my involvement with them. Did I like their content? Did I comment on their blog frequently? Did they comment back? Did they visit my blog? Did I even recognize the name? Those are the questions I asked and if the answer to any of those was no, I removed it from my Feedly. I can’t tell you how much that lifted from my shoulders. It was a pretty freeing move on both parts.

All of this is just a start. Here’s to happiness and a great 2016!

How about you? Did you set goals? How are they working out so far?



8 Responses to “Discussion: Why My 2016 is Going to ROCK!”

  1. Amanda @ On a Book Bender

    Woo hoo! Sounds like you’ve got the absolute right mindset for a rocking year. I think I have more intentions than goals this year. (As in, I intend to start posting more discussions and embrace my historical romance even more.) But we’ll see how the year plays out. There’s so much I want to do!

    • Stephanie

      I would say that intentions is probably a better word for me as well. I’m all about trying to leave negativity behind this year! I’m far harder on myself than anybody else is. I look forward to those discussions. And I’m definitely trying to squeeze in more historical romance too.

      I love the optimism that a new year can bring!

  2. Lover Of Romance

    I do the same thing with commenting. I have a group of blogging buddies that I visit frequently and who visit me frequently and its so fun. And finding new blogs is fun I think that is a great goal. Hope you have a fabulous year.

    • Stephanie

      I think I grew that group too large for what I could handle so then I just ignored it. It is a lot of fun to be able to visit people and have them visit back. It makes it feel like you aren’t so alone in the vast interwebs. 🙂 I hope you have such a great year too!

  3. Sara

    I’m posting very similar tomorrow-2016 is the year of no reading goals for me, and I’m so darned excited about it! I think not having specific goals is really going to allow me to take my reading to the next level, especially with bigger books (Outlander, I’m looking at you, lol). Good luck to us both 😀

    • Stephanie

      I don’t really have goals so much as ideas as to what I want to do. And even those are mostly things I don’t want to do or things I want to stop doing. So far it’s been a far less stressful blogging atmosphere for me and I am loving it!

      I’m working through the Outlander books as well! Good luck!

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