Right Before Your Eyes *Bianca’s Review

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Right Before Your Eyes *Bianca’s ReviewRight Before Your Eyes by Elle Shanman
Published by Delta
Genres: Fiction, Romance
Pages: 310
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Outspoken playwright Liza Weiler left Yale with everything she thought she needed to make her mark on the New York stage. So why, nearly a decade later, is she still waiting for her “real” life to finally begin? But like any great drama, Liza’s life only needs one good twist. And that’s what happens when she turns her ankle on the way out of a downtown nightspot and falls into the arms of a suspiciously gallant Wall Street prince and a practically perfect ER doc. Suddenly Liza not only has a couple of men in her life, but her play has fallen into the hands of a über-hip theater director. Now Liza’s about to discover how much mess she can make of a seemingly good thing…and how terrifying, slightly tragic, and utterly hilarious a little success can be.

3.5 Stars

“When what you really want to do is throw a drink in his face, throw up on his shoes and run, it’s worth sticking around to see what happens.”

Right Before Your Eyes grabbed on tight right from the prologue with its intriguing quote and really did not want to let me go. It started off strong, hit some bumps around the middle, but smoothed itself back out. It was a fun yet sometime infuriating read that I did not want to put time. For me, it was one of those books you just pick up at just the right time.

Liz is just waiting for her life to start. She is a Yale grad living in New York hoping one day she will get to see her plays come to life. Instead of living her dream she spends her time temping and waiting for things to happen. I could relate to Liz in some ways. She was hoping for something grand and exciting but then wasn’t really doing much to make it happen. She was set on safe instead of doing something grand. She was also infuriating at times clearly wanting one thing and going for something else. She was one of those people that think one thing, say another, then wonder why everything doesn’t end up differently.

“The thing is , though, she’s like  a human roller coaster: yes, sometimes you feel  a little sick to your stomach, but if you just throw your hand up and scream its more fun than almost anything else.”

The most important people in her life aunt Fran, Parrot, and Jeremy were great people for her to have in her life. Her aunt could easily snap her fingers and make Liz’s dreams come true but she wants her to be the best she can be and find success on her own. Aunt Fran is so spunky and full of life and I loved her role in Liz’s life. From the start Parrot seemed self-absorbed and shallow but she also wants the best for Liz and tries to bring out the life in her. Jeremy is much more grounded but also a permanent fixture in Liz’s life and her voice of reason

One of the best things about Before Your Eyes was the focus on Liz growing as a person and following her passions. The romantic piece was there but it wasn’t always in the spotlight. We are first introduced to George, a man Liz immediately can’t stand, who I of course was smitten with right away. His quick wit and ability to infuriate Liz made him a keeper. I have a thing for great banter in the books I read and George gave me that. A sprained ankle gives us Dr. Time. Of course he was what “perfect” boyfriends are made of. He’s cute and sweet but just didn’t get it sometimes.

Liz’s life is full of embarrassing moments and mistakes but following her bumpy road to getting things right was definitely worth the adventure.





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