Dark Witch by Nora Roberts *Stephanie’s Review*



Dark Witch by Nora Roberts has so many of my favorites that it was hard for me to not love this book. It combined an old family curse, Ireland, love, spells, and myths. Seriously it was like it was failure proof.

Iona Sheehan is a likeable enough heroine. I just didn’t love her. I thought she was incredibly gutsy to move halfway across the world because she wanted to or felt the need to. I also found how to be a little too much on the bouncing emotional side. Iona felt so much that it just all came spilling out at times.

Boyle McGrath is the type of guy who is going to make the strong and silent/stubborn type girls swoon. Boyle is the exact opposite of Iona. Where she is all heart on her sleeve, Booyle is far more, reserved. He makes you work for it. He still feels, he just doesn’t share often how he feels.

I really loved the secondary characters. My favorite parts of the books included the flashbacks to the first Dark Witch’s family. For me, that was the truly magical part. I am excited to continue with this trilogy. I already know that I’m anxious for that last story! Sexual tension much?

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