Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover *Stephanie’s Review*



Alexa and I did a BookTube read-a-thon and one of the challenges was to read a book suggested by your buddy. Alexa chose Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover for me to read. She had actually purchased it as a gift. It turned out to be the perfect read.

Sydney finds out the hard way that she couldn’t trust the people closest to her. In a weird twist of fate she ends up staying with the hottie guitarist across the courtyard. Sydney has a lot going on in Maybe Someday. There is a lot to sort through while she’s getting her life straightened out. I enjoyed her character quite a bit. She is tough and spunky but is just as vulnerable as the rest of us.

Ridge is a pretty awesome guy. He’s cute, a great musician, and a rock to friends and family among other things. Reaching out to Sydney and putting her in her current situation makes him feel responsible. It also helps that they literally make great music together.

This is my first Colleen Hoover novel. It will not be my last. Hoover takes an issue we all think we know how we feel about and opens it up to perspective. She doesn’t make excuses or try to make it okay. To me it was more showing me alternatives and allowing me to make my own decisions.

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