Monthly Archives: December 2015

Right Before Your Eyes *Bianca’s Review

“When what you really want to do is throw a drink in his face, throw up on his shoes and run, it’s worth sticking around to see what happens.” Right Before Your Eyes grabbed on tight right from the prologue with its intriguing quote and really did not want to let me go. It started off strong, hit some bumps around the middle, but smoothed […]

Dark Witch by Nora Roberts *Stephanie’s Review*

Dark Witch by Nora Roberts has so many of my favorites that it was hard for me to not love this book. It combined an old family curse, Ireland, love, spells, and myths. Seriously it was like it was failure proof. Iona Sheehan is a likeable enough heroine. I just didn’t love her. I thought she was incredibly gutsy to move halfway across the world […]