Stitch Me Deadly by Amanda Lee *Stephanie’s Review*



When I read The Quick and the Thread, I knew it was going to be a series I’d continue with. The second installment, Stitch Me Deadly by Amanda Lee, was just as good as the first. There aren’t too many series out there that include cross-stitch so I’m thrilled to see that it has done so well.

Marcy Singer is starting to fall into a comfortable schedule between her home life and her small business The Seven Year Stitch. It certainly had a bumpy start when a murder occurred at her grand opening. Things are finally settling down. That is until an elderly woman passes out at her store and later dies at the hospital.

In the way that cozies go, Marcy is a suspect. As the police don’t feel like looking elsewhere it’s up to Marcy. When I read a cozy mystery, I don’t go into it looking to be impressed by realistic detective work. Cozies are supposed to be fun. Amanda Lee fits the bill. Marcy is an awesome and fun protagonist. I really enjoy her character.

For me the best part of Lee’s novels are the parts when Marcy is talking about stitching. It motivates me to pick up my own projects. It’s also the history about stitching that Lee provides. In Stitch Me Deadly Marcy talks about the history behind cross stitch samplers. I will definitely be continuing with the series!

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