This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales *Stephanie’s Review*



At first I really struggled with This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales. I picked it up because it was the TBR Book Club selection for July and August. My struggle was that I couldn’t really relate to Elise. I’ll get to that below. Thankfully I ended up really enjoying Elise’s story.

My disconnect with Elise was that as far as I know, I was never disliked or downright hated in high school; not like that. I wasn’t popular by any means but I had a group of friends that I spent most of my time with. It was hard for me to get into Elise’s mindset.

I really did end up getting into the story about the time that Elise found Start. I was so happy that she had finally found her people. Ir eally enjoyed Vicki’s character but I didn’t care much for Pippa or Char. The whole high school scenes were just awkward and unfamiliar. I could easily see why Elise wouldn’t be interested in going five days a week.

This Song Will Save Your Life was an eye opening read. It made me more aware of the things we say and do and don’t think much of. It made me think about how being a silent witness can be just as harmful as the bully or abuser.

When the blogger was unveiled and the reasons behind it, I was filled such rage on Elise’s behalf. I guess that’s the thing about This Song Will Save Your Life; it made me feel things. I’ll read another Leila Sales book. I’m just not going to drop everything to do so. I really enjoyed this one!

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