Heart of Evil by Heather Graham *Stephanie’s Review*



After finishing Phantom Evil I knew that Krewe of Hunters was a series that I wanted to continue soon. Heart of Evil by Heather Graham did not disappoint. Thankfully it moved a little more quickly than the first book. We know most of the cast.

Heart of Evil focuses on Jake Mallory. Jake is suck a chill guy. He doesn’t fluster easily and he handles stressful situations with a grace I could only ever hope to attain. His ghostly experience is mostly with the recently dead or near dead people. They call to him to be found. He is also an excellent hacker.

Asley Donegal is an old friend and lover of Jake’s. She owns an old plantation. Every year she and her grandfather Frazier hold a reenactment. of an early Civil War skirmish which cost her many times great grandfather his life. When the most recent reenactment has a casualty, the Krewe are called in. Ashley was an alright heroine. I didn’t love her but I didn’t hate her either. It was along the lines of “I like Jake, Jake likes Ashley, ergo I like Ashley.”

The ghost stories still focused on the Civil War era. I really enjoyed Marshall and Emma Donegal’s story. It was a sad story for sure. I enjoyed how all of the character’s worked with and encouraged each other. I wish I had coworkers like them.

I’ve already checked the third book to see what’s in store for me. I’m sure I’ll be reading it soon. This series is right up my alley. I love a good ghost story and these two books have flown by!

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