Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas *Stephanie’s Review*



I am so glad that I put off reading the Throne of Glass series for so long. It has been so much fun reading a new book each month. There will be a short wait for the next one but I don’t know how you all have waited for so long!

There were SO many questions at the end of Crown of Midnight. It set up a lot of anticipation for Heir of Fire. There was a lot of new information and I was so ready for all of it.

For me the best part of this series is Maas’s world building skills. I am normally an all character girl. With these books I feel like the characters wouldn’t be as great. A lot of their growth stems from the lives they’ve led in their world and now it affected them when that world was altered against their will.

Maas blends her world and her characters deftly. I have loved all of the people I am to love and despise all of the horrible people that Maas has written. Just when I thought she had showed us all she had, Maas proved me wrong.

The introduction of the Fae and witches was a great addition! Throughout Heir of Fire there are three major story arcs: Caelana in Weyndlyn, Dorian and Chaol at the glass castle, and Manon and the witch covens in the Ferian Gap. Not once through this 565 page book did I feel bored with one of the story arcs. They were perfectly balanced.

September 1st cannot get here soon enough! I am more than ready to see what is going to happen. If I’m being honest I’m also more than a little scared as well.

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