Monthly Archives: September 2015

Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen *Stephanie’s Review*

I decided top ick up Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen for a lot of reasons. The main reason is that Alexa loves her and Saint Anything was just released. Everyone seemed to really be enjoy8ing it so it seemed like a good place to start. Sydney was such a great character. Her family has been struck by tragedy and they are going through a time […]

The Shadows by J. R. Ward *Alexa’s Review*

Even though this series has had ups and downs during the past few books I can’t help but keep coming back to my boys because I love them so much. I was really excited to read from the Shadows because we so rarely see things in their world and so they were very mysterious going into this book so I really wanted to know more […]

Touched by an Alien *Bianca’s Review

Oh man! Why did I wait so long to read this book. Okay, maybe it was best I waited until I was in a certain type of mood. I had been starting some pretty sad books and just had to put them down. I was looking for something different, something that wouldn’t put me into a funk. I didn’t know much besides the fact this […]


The BookBuddyaThon is hosted by Elena and Sam! Here is the announcement video! Here is Alexa’s TBR Video: Here is Stephanie’s TBR: Buddy Read a Book: Under the Never Sky Read One of Your Buddy’s Five Star Reads: Maybe Someday Read a Book with Your Buddy’s Favorite Color: The Assassin’s Blade (Alexa’s is blue!) Our Daily Updates: Monday: A Pages Read Today: 315 A Total […]