Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen *Stephanie’s Review*



I decided top ick up Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen for a lot of reasons. The main reason is that Alexa loves her and Saint Anything was just released. Everyone seemed to really be enjoy8ing it so it seemed like a good place to start.

Sydney was such a great character. Her family has been struck by tragedy and they are going through a time of adjustment. It’s particularly hard on Sydney as she’s still in the school where she and Payton have attended.

The Chathams were a lot of fun but not without their own troubles. What I really loved about Saint Anything is the difference in how the two families dealt with their troubles. Neither way is wrong. Each person is going to grieve and mourn in their own way. I hope that if I ever have to face this kind of adversity I can handle it like the Chathams.

One of the things I really liked about Saint Anything is that Dessen doesn’t give more information than is necessary but still paints a vivid picture. There are no unnecessary characters. And the woman can write a food description that’ll make you stand up and beg for it! 😉 Seriously I was craving pizza so hard after reading this. Actually it was during this book that I swung through and got some breakfast pizza.

Reading this book wasn’t easy. The subject matter is a little heavy but I really enjoyed this one. I will definitely be catching up with Dessen’s back list!

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