Monthly Archives: August 2015

Panic by Lauren Oliver *Stephanie’s Review*

Panic by Lauren Oliver grabbed my attention with its blurb. Small town wracked by near poverty when the local factory closed? God can I relate to that! The area that I live in lost 3000 jobs alone when one of the major factories closed its doors and moved production to Mexico. The smaller factories didn’t take too long to follow. 10 to 15% of the […]

Stealing Parker by Miranda Kenneally *Alexa’s Review*

I loved…. LOVED… Catching Jordan when I read it well over a year ago and so I’ve been auto-buying Kenneally ever since because I couldn’t wait to read everything else she wrote. I have to say I put off reading this one for so long because I was worried it wouldn’t hold up against Catching Jordan. I really enjoyed the way this story started out […]