Matilda by Roald Dahl *Stephanie’s Review*



It is so hard to write a review for Matilda by Roald Dahl and leave out all of the fangirling. I’ll do my best though! Hands down Matilda is the book of my childhood. It was the kind of book that a bookish girl could take solace in; to know she wasn’t alone. Thankfully I had a mother who encouraged reading so my situation was improved over Matilda’s.

Matilda herself is the kind of protagonist you can see yourself being best friends with. Matilda is a kind, sweet, and very smart little girl. She also has a thirst for justice and as a five year old that isn’t always easy to dish out. But Matilda’s mind works in ways that even some adults have yet to figure out.

The Trunchbull is an exquisite antagonist. She is everything a child in elementary school fears and loathes. If you didn’t love Matilda just for who she is, you certainly feel united with her and the other students in the war against the Trunchbull. The Trunchbull is a rude and vulgar woman who has no business being in the education field.

Miss Honey is the perfect example of an excellent teacher. She’s the kind we all hope we get. She is kind and caring. Her biggest downfall is that she doesn’t stand up for herself. Almost to the point of allowing herself to be harmed rather than have a confrontation.

Matilda may be a children’s book but it is a classic that any age can appreciate!

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