A Beautiful Wedding *Bianca’s Review

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A Beautiful Wedding was a Novella in the Beautiful series so like the story my review will be a short one.  I loved reading Beautiful Disaster and enjoyed Walking Disaster with Travis perspective even more. With A Beatiful Wedding filling in the end of the first two books I thought I would love it just as much. Unfortunately, although I didn’t dislike it I didn’t fall in love with it either. Abby’s idea to get married and the reasons behind it were not very pleasing to me. I kind of get why she went there but marriage definitely would not have been the answer. Plus, her plan had major holes and she wasn’t very smart about the whole thing. It wouldn’t be believable. Although, Travis was genuine the whole time with Abby it was hard to get pumped up about their relationship and the fact that they were getting married. By the end I felt a little better about everything but I just wasn’t in love as much as I thought I’d be. 



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