Compulsion by Allison Brennan *Stephanie’s Review*



I cannot tell you how excited I was for Compulsion by Allison Brennan. I really enjoy the character that Brennan has created in Max Revere. She is everything I wanted to be (want to be?) as an adult. She is independently wealthy and classy. Max doesn’t let her financial status affect the way she treats people. In fact she uses her wealth to help solve cold cases. She’s a bad ass superhero that way.

Brennan was probably my first auto-read author. I’ve read the majority of her back list and with each book she has delivered. Brennan has an amazing ability to carve out a story that you are willing and eager to invest in, characters that endear themselves before you even know it’s happened, and suspense that will make you think twice about things you hear.

Notorious had left me wanting MOAR! As soon as possible. I was slightly apprehensive that the second novel might not live up to the first but I shouldn’t have wasted that worry. The story was fast paced again and I enjoyed every moment of it. One thing I know for sure is that I want Max to have some damn parental closure. Not only does she have no idea what happened to her mother but she doesn’t even have a name for her father. Add her college BFF, Karen, to the mix and Max has a lot of threads left to dangle.

The cast of characters largely remained the same. We got to learn more about Max’s ex, Marco, and frankly I do not like that man. I’m glad he’s in her past and I kind of hope he stays that way.

There is no doubt that I will be picking up the next Max Revere novel as soon as it hits the shelves. (I hope there’s is another!) I cannot seem to get enough of the Max Revere series!

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