See Jane Run by Hannah Jayne *Stephanie’s Review*



See Jane Run by Hannah Jayne was a bit of a let down for me. Have you ever read the blurb for a book and thought to yourself “YES! This is a book meant for me!”? I totally got that vibe and to be honest it even felt a little bit like The Face on the Milk Carton. I either was expecting too much or wasn’t in the right frame of mine but either way it fell flat for me.

To keep me interested with a mystery, I have to be fed just enough information and I have to believe that information is correct even if I find out later that it’s not. If I don’t get enough information, I get frustrated because it’s a lot like spinning your wheels and going nowhere. I if get too much information, it doesn’t read like a mystery. Therein lays my problem with See Jane Run.

Riley is getting information from so many sources that it’s almost head spinning. Of course you don’t know what information is correct and which isn’t and that adds to the frustration.

My reading tastes dictate that I have to be able to elt go of the fact that I can’t solve something. I couldn’t let it go. Like a toddler mashing puzzle pieces into the wrong hole, my brain kept trying to mash the plot points and storyline into something that made sense. Usually the ending is enough of a payoff that it compensates but it felt too rushed to really amp up my enjoyment.

I really enjoyed the characters in See Jane Run by Hannah Jayne. Riley was likeable and could be pretty spunky when the occasion called for it. Shelby and JD added nice contrast to Riley’s normally straight-laced tendencies. Basically the book left me feeling “meh”. I didn’t actively like or dislike it. The pros and cons are pretty even on this one.

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