Unbound by Sara Humphreys *Stephanie’s Review*



If I’m being honest, my only real interest in reading Unbound by Sara Humphreys was so that I could warp up a series. Don’t get me wrong, I have really enjoyed the Amoveo Legend series. Novellas have just never done much for me. I’ve never really read a stand alone novella but I think that I have to have a good deal of information before going into the novella. Novellas are so short that time can’t be wasted with extensive world building.

I will say that Humphreys is able to load quite a bit of conflict into Zachary and Annabelle’s story. If ever there were two people who shouldn’t be together it’s these two. Both of them end up in Mexico trying to get away from their own problems. Zachary has accepted that he won’t find his mate and Annabelle is trying to outrun her hate filled Cato relatives. All of these problems collide in Mexico.

For the minimal amount of money I paid, I am satisfied with Unbound. It kept me entertained, I was able to spend more time among the Amoveo, and wrapped up a series. I will continue to read Humphreys’s work as I have certainly enjoyed the world she’s created in the series.

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