Ladies Behind the Blog: Bianca’s April Playlist and a Time for Reevaluating

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The Ladies Behind the Blog

I hadn’t been reading much and life in general was just feeling like a mess so I decided to take April off from blogging and just get re-organized. It was time to reevaluate and figure out what exactly it meant for me to just do me. I decided I was just going to go with the flow and do whatever I felt like doing opposed to what I thought I was supposed to be doing. In that time I mostly read more, reigned in my eating habits, and went to the gym more but I also took time to just think more about me. I’m feeling refreshed, ready to blog again, and have new goals set for myself.

  • Be Myself and Do Not Apologize for it
  • Eating healthy keeps me going. Treating myself keeps me happy. I started using this new app to track goals
  •  Keep up the gym/workout flow: Joined Planet Fitness a month or so ago since its cheaper and love Casseys workouts
  • Say No: When I want to say no just say it and be okay with that. Understand when others say no as well.
  •  Say Yes: Stop making excuses to get out of things you actually want to do.
  • Volunteer More
  • Keep up the mindful/healthier eating: How I eat does affect the way I end up feeling throughout the day.
  • Start job search
  • Plan for Grad school 2016


 Entire Spotify Playlist Here

Some Favorites

Left Alone by Sleeping With Sirens

Fly by Sleeping With Sirens

Trouble by Halsey

Heartbeat by Satellite Stories

Indifferent by Destiny Potato

Miles Away by The Maine

The Ground Walks, With Time In a Box by Modest Mouse

Headrest For My Soul by AWOLNATION



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