Ladies Behind the Blog: A Life Update with Alexa

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The Ladies Behind the Blog

Hello Everyone,

I decided that it was time for a little life update.
Lately I haven’t been around the blog that much and I also haven’t been reading other blogs and there are several good reasons for this. I love blogging but life has just been a bit out of control lately. So on to the list of things that are keeping me busy.

  • Johnny moved into the Apartment back in Jan and that meant a lot of unpacking and changes of life in January.
  • In Feb we decided we were going to get a puppy and we put a deposit down on a cute 3 week old chocolate lab. We would then drive out to the breeder’s house every week in order to interact with the puppy and let her start to learn who we are.
  • We brought her home in the middle of March and since she was only 7 weeks old she would of course whine and cry a lot because she hated her kennel. This only went on for sadly 4 days before we had to give the puppy back to the breeder. The reason for this was we found out Johnny was highly allergic to her. He was having problems breathing, broke out in rashes, and his eye swelled shut. Johnny has had many dogs growing up so we didn’t think it was our new puppy at first but we found out there is something in the fur coat of a lab that is massively different from most dogs and it was that in which Johnny was allergic to. So it broke my heart to bring this little bundle home and then have to take her back and it threw me out of sorts for a while.
  • While all of this was going on with the puppy I decided to start looking at new homes in the area for us to move into. We rent a 2 bed/2bath apartment now but I pay a lot in rent and a mortgage on a house would be about the same monthly payment. So I started a long process of going to all new home sites and finding layouts and prices. So almost every day after work I wouldn’t come home and read I would instead go out in the world to find a house.
  • About a week ago Johnny and I settled on a brand new house that another person fell through on. So I started the process which requires many hours on the phone with lenders and mortgage companies in order to get everything going. So I spend most days figuring out payments and buying new appliances.
  • On top of all of this a full time person at my work just quit and another part time person is leaving in about 7ish weeks. So now my work is stuck having to find people to fill these positions and get them trained. While they are training a new person for the job I have to work overtime and work more than I usually would to cover the hours. I do like the hefty paycheck, especially since we are buying a house but it means I’m not home a lot.

So this is what has been going on in my 2015 year and it helps to explain why I’ve only managed to read 13 books so far this year instead of the 25-35 I would have usually read by now.

I hope your 2015 year is going better than mine and that you are finding time to read and blog to your heart’s content.



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  1. Lisa

    Alexa, it sure sounds like you have been busy! Things will calm down but life comes first. I get the same way. Glad things are going well!

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