Smoke by Ellen Hopkins *Stephanie’s Review*



After I finished Burned by Ellen Hopkins, I tried to forget that I read it. It was too sad and absolutely no closure was given. I am so happy that I decided to continue and read Smoke.

Smoke is split between both Pattyn and Jackie each girl is dealing with the fallout of tragedies their life has thrown at them. This book does have it’s own sadness but it didn’t feel as bad as Burned did.

Jackie has to deal with the aftermath of, without going into too much detail, quite a lot. Her world has been rocked by quite a few blows and sorting that out is going to take some time. Naturally she isn’t getting the kind of support she truly needs at home. It’s wonderful when she finds in a few unlikely sources.

Pattyn is put through quite a bit more in this book. But really after all she endured in the previous book, I think this wasn’t quite as trying for her. Really Smoke was like a reawakening for Pattyn. She truly is asleep at the beginning and by the end, she’s learned quite a bit about herself.

The absolute best part for me was the ending. It did wrap up nicely and yes it felt a bit too clean after the devastation from Burned, I needed an ending that provides hope. If you really want to know, I’d say Smoke by Ellen Hopkins has a pretty neutral ending. It isn’t overly happy and it isn’t deveetating either. It’s made me brave enough to give Hopkins’s books one more try. I know they won’t all be happy but I think I can live with that now.

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