I’ll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios *Stephanie’s Review*



I’ll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios is a book that I would never have picked up myself. It shows that book bloggers matter. Had it not been for my fellow bookish friends, I wouldn’t have picked this one up. The cover certainly didn’t do anything for me before reading it. After reading it though, the cover is certainly endearing.

Skylar is such a smart girl. She knows what she wants and she works her ass off to get it. That’s not to say she doesn’t do stupid things from time to time because she certainly does. The great thing about Skylar is that she is caring and loyal to the people who are important to her. It may not be a ton of people but she’s made smart choices in who she loves.

Josh is a wounded war veteran. He has a lot that he’s dealing with and his family isn’t as supporting as they could be. His maintenance job at the Paradise keeps him active. It’s Skylar who really helps him through. Skylar doesn’t try to ignore the fact that he’s lost his leg. She doesn’t gloss it over either. She treats him like he’s still human; calls him out on his shit and has normal conversations with him.

Demetrios has penned an excellent novel. It has opened my eyes to a problem that we aren’t exposed to enough. We have veterans my age (it’s young when you’re used to thinking of war vets only as older people who fought in wars that happened before you were born) who need help. They served their country and now they need our help. Not only does Demetrios bring an issue to the forefront of our thoughts, she also tells a beautiful story of love, loss, and friendship. I am so grateful to the bloggers who talked about I’ll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios. Thank you!

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