Bloggiesta Spring 2015

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But just in case you are new to Bloggiesta, first let me ‘splain. Bloggiesta is a blogging marathon (sometimes over a weekend, sometimes four days and this time one week!) where we as bloggers gather together to help each other work on all sorts of blogging tasks, stuff that we often put off and avoid. Or stuff that we’re scared of trying. Or stuff that we haven’t had time for. But during Bloggiesta all that stuff suddenly becomes fun! There are others doing the same thing ! So, it becomes a party! Wait, no. It’s a FIESTA! (To learn more, see our about page.) – from the Bloggiesta website.

I am SO ready to spend a week doing some behind the scenes and not so behind the scenes work on Once Upon a Chapter. This time instead of just one jam packed weekend, we have an entire WEEK to work together and spiff up those blogs. It’s a bit like spring cleaning, no?

  1. Catch up on reviews (format and schedule):
    • Where She Went – Gayle Forman
    • Daughter of Smoke and Bone – Laini Taylor
    • I’ll Meet You There – Heather Demetrios
    • Smoke – Ellen Hopkins
  2. Correct category/tags:
    • review/adult review/young adult review
    • feature/meme/event
    • ratings
    • genres
  3. Find a new form plugin
  4. Update challenges page
  5. Format March wrap up
  6. Format April TBR Post
  7. Format April meme posts
  8. Write April discussion post
  9. Continue working on updating reviews for UBB



18 Responses to “Bloggiesta Spring 2015”

  1. hillary

    This looks like a good list. I am catching up on reviews with UBB also. It is taking FOREVER. LOL Happy Bloggiesta!

    • Stephanie

      Oh it has been a work in progress for a year or more. It’ll take awhile to finish. It’s monotonous work. I’m hoping to get through them by the end of the year.

    • Stephanie

      I actually am using Gravity Forms. I just don’t use it enough to justify the $40 a year. 🙁 We don’t take review requests so there really shouldn’t be a need for a form plugin.

      It’s a great plugin but just not one that I need right now.

    • Stephanie

      The ideas are the hard part. I find once I get going on a subject the discussion post isn’t so hard. I plan on going through everybody else’s lists and adding to it to help improve Once Upon a Chapter.

  2. Amber

    Hi Stephanie! I hope you loved Where She Went and I’ll Meet You There. I loved those two books. I still need to review IMYT, maybe I’ll do that this weekend…

    I hope you get all of your goals done this week. It is like spring cleaning. 🙂 Happy Bloggiesta! I want to work on some of my posts for next month too. I haven’t gotten that far yet though, ha.

    • Stephanie

      I’ll Meet You There was amazing; Where She Went was a bit of a struggle because I had some issues with Adam. It resolved itself and it ended up a 4 star review. I just finished writing the IMYT review.

      The whole list didn’t get accomplished this weekend but I have things to work on now. I’m getting ready to start those posts now. 😀

    • Stephanie

      I am making it through quite a few things on my list. I’m excited to see progress! 😀 What I don’t get done, I can work on through the upcoming months.

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