Four by Veronica Roth *Stephanie’s Review*



If you’ve read any post ever from me at Once Upon a Chapter, then you know two things about me: one, I like to be organized, and two, I have a thing with reading ALL the books in a series. That includes those pesky novellas. After reading Allegiant, I knew reading these four novellas wasn’t going to be easy but I buckled in and got the job done.

Truly I enjoyed this collection more than I thought I would. For fans of Four, this is a gold mine. All four stories are told from Four’s perspective. It’s also pre-Allegiant. That more than anything helped me enjoy this book without going into too much detail, all I’ll say is that there was still a sense of hope.

One thing I’d wished I’d known going into Four is that there is no new information. Everything is just told from Four’s point of view. There are new feelings and new thoughts, but we know all the major events and their outcomes.

Overall, this was a good read. Is it vital you read it? No. I feel better being able to cross it off my list and move on. It certainly didn’t offer the closure that I feel I still need. C’est la vis. I can dust my hands of it and move on now.

2 responses to “Four by Veronica Roth *Stephanie’s Review*”

  1. So I didn’t like Four in Allegient. I was told this would change my mind but if there is no new information then I doubt it. I will probably not get it (though my library has it) and just chalk it up to Four and I split up—it is ok 🙂

    Theo James and I still have a thing though LOL


  2. I don’t know about that. It didn’t make me any fonder of Four but it was pre-Allegiant so it was nice to go back to that time.

    Theo James is a good Four!


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