The Quick and the Thread by Amanda Lee *Stephanie’s Review*



I picked up The Quick and the Thread by Amanda Lee for a lot of reasons. I had started thinking hard about my book buying habits and The Quick and the Thread has been relegated to Mt. Read Me for a few years now. I had also taken an active interest in cross-stitching again. It seemed like the best time to pick this one up and I was not disappointed.

Marcy Singer was a truly loveable character. She’d recently been out of what she thought was a long term relationship. Instead of drowning her sorrows or letting it beat her down, she joined her best friend in Tallulah Falls and started her dream of owning and operating a cross-stitch shop. All of the secondary characters were fantastic as well! I truly enjoyed them and felt that they all added to the story. The first in a new cozy mystery series can often suffer from too much information all at once. Lee handled this really well and I had a hard time putting this one down!

Another important aspect for a cozy mystery is obviously the mystery! I didn’t have the baddie nailed down until Marcy did. It made sense and fit with the story. There a few awkward parts but Marcy handled it like a champ. The only thing that stopped this from being a five start book is the almost necessary but always dreaded love triangle. Both love interests almost seemed forced. This is in no way enough to make me stop the series. In fact, I’m rather anxious to continue with it!

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