Monthly Archives: March 2015

Four by Veronica Roth *Stephanie’s Review*

If you’ve read any post ever from me at Once Upon a Chapter, then you know two things about me: one, I like to be organized, and two, I have a thing with reading ALL the books in a series. That includes those pesky novellas. After reading Allegiant, I knew reading these four novellas wasn’t going to be easy but I buckled in and got […]

Monthly Music Mix – March

Music has always been important to me. I am not musically gifted, although I did play the flute once upon a time, but music makes my ears and heart happy. Lately I have been making monthly playlists and I want to share them with you all. Hope they make your ears happy as well! Last month I was taking public transit 5-6 hours a day. […]

Bloggiesta Spring 2015

But just in case you are new to Bloggiesta, first let me ‘splain. Bloggiesta is a blogging marathon (sometimes over a weekend, sometimes four days and this time one week!) where we as bloggers gather together to help each other work on all sorts of blogging tasks, stuff that we often put off and avoid. Or stuff that we’re scared of trying. Or stuff that […]

Burned by Ellen Hopkins *Stephanie’s Review*

I have so many issues with Burned by Ellen Hopkins. Mostly I just don’t deal well with the harder aspects of life. I will do almost anything to avoid confrontation. I am a peace maker and people pleaser and therein lies my problem. Burned made me look at situation that aren’t Cleaver squeaky clean. Hopkins writes her novels in verse. Uncomfortable as I was with […]