No Christmas Like the Present by Sierra Donovan *Stephanie’s Review*



No Christmas Like the Present by Sierra Donovan was the book I read on the heels of my Retribution of Mara Dyer book hangover. It took me a loooooong time to get into it. It’s also a really light and care free holiday read so it was super easy to pick up and set down. I should add that it made it perfect for the holiday season.

Lindsay is the type of girl, I can sympathize with. I actually think a lot of people can. Lindsay has a lot of ideas as to what should be done for Christmas. Even if she doesn’t want to do it, she’ll at least attempt to. The only problem is that she runs herself ragged trying to do it all. Introduce Fred, a main character a la Clarence from It’s a Wonderful Life. Coincidentally one of my favorite Christmas movies!

Fred teaches Lindsay to slow down and to appreciate the smaller yet still enjoyable aspects of Christmas time. For example, I learned to add a little nutmeg to my egg not. It’s yummy and a revelation! I also learned to add a little vanilla and whipped cream to my hot chocolate. I haven’t tried this one yet but I will be. I was also inspired to try my had at fudge and I failed miserably. I totally blame the recipe though. I’m pretty sure anyone would have failed at that. The point is that No Christmas Like the Present helped put me in the holiday spirit and reminded me that there are reasons for doing the things that we do. If we lose sight of that reason then it means nothing.

I really enjoyed this light holiday romance even if I wasn’t knocked off my feet by the romance. It was a sweet read and I’ll look into Donovan’s books in the future.

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