Starlight by Chelsea M. Campbell *Stephanie’s Review*



I signed up for a blog tour to review Starlight because the synopsis sounded like my kind of story. Girl meets boy who sees a diamond in the rough in girl. Boy then polishes girl to a bright shine and everyone sees the great person she is. Right? Well you’d be wrong. Don’t worry, I was too.

My biggest complaint with Starlight is in fact the main character: Adrienne Speck. In all fairness that’s the way I’m supposed to feel. The problem is that Adrienne doesn’t even like Adrienne. I mean there are ll things that we don’t care for about ourselves but for the most part we have a few things that we at least like about ourselves. It is so hard to like someone who doesn’t like themselves.

The bad part is that I didn’t really even like Saiph either. I found him frustrating and a little antagonistic at times. The characters didn’t really work for me and unfortunately the story really didn’t either. I just felt like the message wasn’t a good one. Adrienne didn’t like herself until a magical boy showed her why she was great. To me that says Adrienne couldn’t do that without a boy telling her. I’m sure it’s not the message the author intended for me to find. I kept reading because I could see the potential of the book it just never made it there for me.

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