Scratch by Rhonda Helms *Stephanie’s Review*



Scratch by Rhonda helms was my first new adult romance and I’m so glad I gave this genre a try. The story centers around Casey who is working her way through college as a DJ. Immediately I was interested in Casey and her story and wanted to know more. Then Helms introduces us to Daniel and I was all in.

Casey has a lot of demons to fight and we’re kept in the dark as to what they are. Thankfully we have Daniel to fight those battles for us. Casey has some wickedly thick walls. She hasn’t let anyone through with the exception of her grandparents. Casey attends classes, gets good grades, and works to help support herself.

I really enjoyed watching Daniel and Casey together. They had believable conflicts and the resolutions weren’t always delivered with big bows and flowers. Helms did a great job of writing a tight, clean story. The characters all contributed to the story and there wasn’t a lot of excess information.

Once we finally unearthed the big secret, it was a little devastating. I’ll admit to tearing up a little. The bottom line is: I really enjoyed Scratch and I will certainly be exploring this genre more.

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