I Hunt Killers Short Stories by Barry Lyga *Stephanie’s Review*


Lucky Day by Barry LygaLucky Day
Read: Oct 18
Pages: 100

I think that G William Tanner was my favorite secondary character in the I Hunt Killers trilogy. He is fair and king but won’t take your bullshit either. In Lucky Day Lyga gives us a lot of his back story.

G William had recently lost his wife and is going through a really tough grieving period. The election for sheriff is in full swing and G William doesn’t even know if he’ll have a job come January. Then something happens to seal the deal on G William’s fate; not one but two bodies found and not a trace of evidence.

I was scared of Billy Dent but Lucky Day covers his arrest and we also get to see pre-arrest Billy Dent. The normalcy is almost as terrifying as the long list of serial killer names he’s accumulated. This was a great addition to the series.

Neutral Mask by Barry LygaNeutral Mask
Read: Oct 26
Pages: 27

This story is told from Connie’s perspective. I enjoyed watching Jasper during a time where crazy time had passed and before more crazy stuff ensued. Of course Connie and Jasper go through all of that awkward getting to know each other business. It made their relationship more real.

The biggest issue that I had with this story is that Connie had no idea bout Billy Dent until after her first date with Jasper. Most kids would immediately fill in the new girl about the who’s who in the school.

Blood Boy by Barry LygaBlood Boy
Read: Oct 30
Pages: 39

I’m pretty sure I have a crush on Howie. He has such a great personality. Blood Boy shows us more of Howie and how the story looks from his perspective. It also gave us more information about hemophilia and how it affects his everyday life.

Lyga uses this short story to show how Howie and Jasper came to be friends and the aftermath of Billy’s arrest. We also get to see a lot more of that intelligence and quick wit Howie likes to pretend he was born without. Overall, these stories gave me a little bit more of a world I didn’t want to leave behind.

4 responses to “I Hunt Killers Short Stories by Barry Lyga *Stephanie’s Review*”

  1. Connecting with the protagonist is SUPER important, but I think jiving with the secondary characters is up there too, so props to G William Tanner! One hundred pages is a decent length for a short, but Neutral Mask and Blood Boy are entirely too brief for me.


    1. Lucky Day was worth picking up. The other two, eh. Lucky Day was published with Lyga’s publisher and Neutral Mask and Blood Boy were self-pubbed.


  2. I have the first one and I will get to eventually. Overall I think I would like this series. I don’t need to connect to the protag in these cases so it might work for me a little bit better.


    1. I Hunt Killers is definitely a great read and I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it. Lucky for you, the trilogy is completely published now. No waiting for the next book. 🙂


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