Maximum Exposure by Allison Brennan *Stephanie’s Review*


Maximum Exposure is a prequel to Notorius. In this novella, Brennan share’s with us how Max Revere’s cable television show came to be.

The show is pitched to her by her friend Ben Lawson. The two have an interesting relationship. It’s somewhat antagonistic but it was forged by the disappearance of Karen; Ben’s college sweetheart and Max’s college roommate and friend. Her unsolved disappearance is the inspiration behind the show that Ben wants to call Maximum Exposure.

There’s just one problem. Max works alone; always has, always will. She’s tough as nails and has the luxury or being able to put her money where her mouth is. Max immediately rejects Ben’s offer but relents to think about it while working a case.

The case Max is working isn’t as old as most cold cases but for all intents and purposes has been abandoned. A college student went missing during a camping trip.

I love watching cases being worked. Cold cases to me are even more fascinating. I prefer reading them as fiction because they have a higher chance of being solved. The real life ones just make me sad.

IF you’ve read Notorious or are thinking about reading it, Maximum Exposure is a pretty great novella that really adds to the series. April and the release of the second book of the Max Revere series can’t get here fast enough!

2 responses to “Maximum Exposure by Allison Brennan *Stephanie’s Review*”

  1. I need to read this! I really enjoyed Notorious and would like this I think!


    1. It was a good book! I really can’t wait until April. I just can’t decide if I want the ebook or the audio version. 😉


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