TTT: Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2015

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This week I get to showcase my goals or resolutions for 2015!


Help Johnny move in with me and organize the apartment so all boxes from my move are open and unpacked as well as having all of his stuff unpacked.


Although this is a cliche I do want to get into better shape. I use to swim all the time and because of growing up and having to go to work and school full time for several years I stopped doing something I love. It is not just getting into better shape but getting back into swimming which is something I have always loved and has always calmed me.


I want to put up more blog posts that have quality and more of my opinions in them. I want discussion and opinion pieces to add some Alexa flair back to blogging.


Another blogging related goal, I want to read more adult books in 2015. I use to read mostly adult romance books but I have a huge passion for YA books that has taken over the past few years. Especially now that I am blogging at two blogs that are more adult book focused I want to read more adult again.


I want to find a better balance for cleaning. I tend to let stuff go at the house for an entire week and then at the end of the week it is a lot more work to do everything at the end of the week.


I will find better ways to save money this year and start to putting money away for the future. I want to start a retirement savings plan so I need to look into that in 2015.


Even though I just said I wanted to save money and start retirement plans I also want to save money on books which I feel is a slightly different goal because it involves reading more of the books I own instead of buying more and more books. So I hope to plan out a book budget for myself. I know many people try this and it doesn’t work and it may not work for me but I want to try.


I love organizing books so I want to find a new way to organize my bookshelves for 2015! This way some of those babies that are in the back of the shelf will make their way forward so I see them better so it reminds me to read them.


I want to read 100 books in 2015! My reading really suffered in 2014 because I was finishing medical school and had board exams for my medical license till May and then I found one Nuc Med job that was over an hour one way from my house. Then I got a new job in a new city so I had to move and adjust. So I was really busy and didn’t even have time to read in 2014.


As much as I want to read in 2015 I also want to make time for Johnny, family and friends. I want to be more social than I am now and spend time with the people who matter to me.



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