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Write On Review-a-thon 12/20/14 – 12/21/14

Have you ever had so many books back to back that you just enjoyed so much that you just moved right on to the next book to stay in the grove? That’s what’s happened to me lately. Almost every book I’ve read since mid-January has been a win for me! That’s great for Stephanie the reader but not so great for Stephanie the reviewer because […]

Attachments *Bianca’s Review*

I have read really good things about Rainbow Rowell so I knew  had to read one of her books eventually. Starting Attachments I didn’t know if it was going to be cute and romantic or kind of creepy. I am not sure how I would feel to know someone is reading all my emails. I mean, that is Lincolns job but he takes it a […]

TTT: Top Ten Books I Read In 2014

This week I get to show off all the wonderful books I found to be my favorites of 2014! 10. While this wasn’t perfect in my eyes it did make you think about the world and about life and death and good vs bad deeds. It also had me with tears streaming down my face while reading so the book deserves props. 9. While The […]

Discussion: My Trouble with YA Trilogies

Here’s the situation: You pick up the first book because every book blogger seems to be losing their minds over how fantabu-freaking-tastic it is. If you’re like me, you go to the library so you’re not out any money. If it’s not your cuppa. Once you’re at home and you’ve cracked the spine the pages start flying. Before you know it the book is done. […]