Blood of My Blood by Barry Lyga *Stephanie’s Review*



I had been waiting on Blood of My Blood by Barry Lyga since I finished Game in the summer of 2013. Game left a big cliffhanger and I had to think on it before I remember where we left off. Blood of My Blood did not disappoint me.

I’ve become a little leery of the final installment of trilogies, a la Allegiant. Thankfully Lyga was uses the conclusion of his trilogy to answer burning questions. It’s also a fast paced race to the end of the book. I had suspicions of who Ugly J really was. I was wrong and I had to keep guessing.

Along with fast paced actions and resolutions there was a lot of character growth. Jazz finally gets some of the answer he’s been searching for and he uses those to define himself. There were a lot of times that I felt like cheering for Jasper, Connie and Howie. I love these characters and while I’m sad to not spend more time with them, I am more than satisfied with where I have left them.

2 responses to “Blood of My Blood by Barry Lyga *Stephanie’s Review*”

  1. I’m relieved to learn that this trilogy ended on a high note because I’ve become quite leering of series finales as well. I’m happy that Barry Lyga succeeded in tying up all of the loose ends while still delivering a top notch mystery that kept you getting up until the very end. Fab review!


  2. I have to admit that I was pretty nervous myself! Barry Lyga really did a great job and I will definitely be reading more of whatever he decides to publish! 🙂 I hope if you read the books, you enjoy the way it ended.


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