Monthly Archives: November 2014

Blood on the Bayou by D.J. Donaldson *Stephanie’s Review*

Five Things I Liked About Blood on the Bayou: Andy Broussard is such a great character! He’s a heavy set man who likes the comforts of life and good food. He’s ridiculously smart. Donaldson’s mysteries are always good. He has always made me question who-dun-it and I typically don’t know until he lays it all out. I can finish one of these books in almost […]

Foodie Friday: Easy White Spinach Pizza

I LOVE to cook! I also love to eat. Recently I joined Weight Watchers and found that food could still be delicious even if it was on a *:shudders:* diet. I decided that I wanted to share some of the awesome recipes that I have found and tried with you. Books and food often go hand in hand (but NEVER in the same hand!) Each […]

The Chase by Erin McCarthy *Alexa’s Review*

I have always liked this series from the start. It is a good series that provides a quick escape from reality since these books are always around 300 pages. I went into this book hoping that this would be the book that put this series back in the awesome category instead of just the good category. I read the first book a while back and […]