Prepping for Dewey’s Read-a-Thon

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24 Hour ReadathonIt’s almost here ladies and gents! Tomorrow at 7 AM CST I will be plunging in and getting my read on for hopefully a 24 hour period. In the interest of getting myself prepared, I took the day off work today and I am doing everything I can to get ready for tomorrow.

My To-Do List:

  • Clean living room, dining room, and bedroom; wash dishes, sweep and vacuum floors.
  • I will feel so much better knowing that my house is clean and tidy. I won’t be sneaking looks away from my book so that I can stare down that pile of stuff that I should have dealt with yesterday. 😉

  • Empty and refresh my Scentsy pots.
  • Please tell me I’m not the only one who really enjoys a great smell in the warmer while I read. There is a pot in the kitchen, bedroom, and I’ll be putting one up in the living room when I can find an outlet….

  • Prepare food for tomorrow.
  • I need to prep my veggies for snacks, boil eggs, and get my crock pot ready for my lunch/dinner for tomorrow. I’ll be up early (for a Saturday) and I’ll get ahead and save on cooking time by using a crock pot.

  • Get the blog up to date and bookish cleaning.
  • I’m working on purging my books. I want to process four stacks; update GoodReads, draft my review posts for my Currently reading widget, set up a notebook to take notes for the books I read, post another read-a-thon post, draft a book budget post, upcoming blog changes, draft my November discussion, and draft the remainder of my November posts.

  • Make my fleece tie blanket.
  • I bought fabric for a fleece tie blanket several weeks ago. These blankets are PERFECT for reading. They are so darn comfy and WARM. Here in Illinois it’s already starting to get chilly.

The Food!

The Salty:

The Salty

Kitchen Cooked Chips, Cheese Dip, Popcorn, & Celery with White Cheddar Cheese

The Sweet:

The Sweets

Frosted Animal Cookies, Chocolate Caramel Candies, & Caramel Apple Filled Werther’s Originals

The Beverages:

Beverage Options

Diet Dr. Thunder (Generic Diet Dr. Pepper), Strawberry Crush Mix-ins, Cherry Blackberry and Orange Tangerine Mios, & Diet Cream Soda

Of course not all of this food is going to be consumed tomorrow but I like to have choices. 🙂 Particularly as I have no plans on leaving the house.

The New Addition!!

I went back and forth several times on whether or not to pre-order the new Kindle Voyage. In the end I couldn’t swallow the $350-ish for a new ereader. (Kindle Voyage 3G w/o Ads, New Case, & Screen Protector). Instead I decided to get the Kindle Paperwhite 3G w/o ads. I had the first generation Paperwhite Wi-Fi with ads. This was still an upgrade for me and saved me about $150. I also sent in my first Paperwhite for $60. Here she is:

New Paperwhite

And of course I had to have a new case. I found one that I really love. I adore the look of it. 🙂
New Paperwhite Cover

How about you? Are you participating in Dewey’s? If so, what do you do to prepare?



2 Responses to “Prepping for Dewey’s Read-a-Thon”

  1. Angie F.

    It looks like you’re nearly ready to go! And congrats on the new Kindle! I think mine is reaching the end of her life, so the Kindle Voyage will be my new addition when that happens. I really wanted a Paperwhite, but I cannot deal with touching the screen to the turn the page, so the Voyage is perfect for me even though it’s pricey.

    I’ve got my snacks all planned out too! My mom made me some apple sauce, so that’ll be a nice, fresh, healthy snack among my cookies and chips. 😛

    I did some blogging stuff a little while ago so I don’t have to worry about posts, but I still need to finish straightening up my reading space.

    Angie F. recently posted: Chick Flick Friday: Must Love Dogs
    • Stephanie

      I was SO ready to go. I still had to go out on Saturday but that’s alright. I wanted to go with the Voyage but just couldn’t. Page turn buttons aren’t a huge deal for me so it was easy to make that decision. IF they were important, I’d totally spring the extra money for them. 😀

      Cookies and chips are awesome. I didn’t get around to doing any of the posts but it wasn’t such a big deal. I’m hoping to get caught up with that next week.

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