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I can’t tell you how much I was looking forward to Endless by Kate Brian. I purchased it on release day and dropped the other books I was reading. I needed to finish this trilogy. The first book in the Shadowlands trilogy, Shadowlands, was a mixed bag. Most of the book bloggers I follow didn’t care for it. I loved it. The second book, Hereafter was just as good and answered a lot of my questions from the first book but left me with just as many questions when I closed the book. Both of these books got five star ratings from me. Needless to say, there were high expectations going into Endless and it may have been my downfall.

There were more problems that the Lifers of Juniper Landing had to try and resolve. Can I say that all of the characters are what saved this book for me? I have really come to love all of them! It’s sad for me that when a series ends, we have to leave behind characters we have come to care for. All of the Lifers offered something different and unique to the story. The plot line was fairly fast paced and just like its two predecessors, I flew through the book.

All of that sounds like a great book recommendation but where everything went all wrong for me was the ending. I have come to expect some pretty drastic and amazing endings from Brian. The ending to Endless just seemed like a bit of a cop out. It seemed like the easy way to go. If I hadn’t been expecting something much better, it would have been pathetically predictable. In fact it was such the obvious ending that I wouldn’t have guessed it. In the end, I was just disappointed. The ending wasn’t completely horrible. I was proud of the person that Rory has become over course of the three books.

Three stars seems like the rating I should go with because up until that ending, I was loving the book. I can’t say that I regret reading the trilogy no matter how disappointed I am.

2 responses to “Review: Endless by Kate Brian”

  1. AT least the characters came through. Usually when trilogies end “less than stellar” it is the characters that bring it down. Wish the story would have been stronger for ya!


  2. Yes. I am going to miss them. 😦 Sometimes I just feel like certain endings are a cop out or too predictable. That’s rich coming from a romance reader. 😉


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